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Southern Cruisers

Who We Are

Started in 1991, the Southern Cruisers Car Club has grown into a very formidable organization. Boasting an impressive 25 members in a community of less than 3000 people, they have become one of the largest and most active car clubs in southern Saskatchewan. A non-profit club, the Southern Cruisers have donated tens of thousands of dollars into the community, including the local volunteer fire department, the Assiniboia Union Hospital, STARS air ambulance, local schools and sports programs just to name a few.

In the beginning, the club would gather in members' garages to conduct their meetings but in 2004, an opportunity arose for the Cruisers to purchase a local shop and turn it into their permanent clubhouse.  This move gave them more of a physical presence and cemented the club in the community. The Cruisers meet on the first Thursday of every month. in the past they have hosted their July 1st Canada Day Demo Derby and Tuff Truck Competition, an annual rod run, spring and fall show & shines, street dances as well as numerous other fund raisers and raffles for charity. (Check out the events tab at the top of this page for details on this year's events)


President - Scott Easton

Vice President - Dylan Karst

Treasurer - Lyle Erfle

Secretary - Jason Setrum

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